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Organizational Chart

Our Team

Management Department

FNEC Management receives its mandates from the General Assembly, which meets three times a year, and from the Chiefs' Special Assembly. The Management ensures that all mandates that it receives are dealt with diligently and professionally. It does the appropriate research and takes the necessary measures within the established deadlines. In addition, the Management creates and maintains positive relations with partners and political leaders who work in the field of education, while respecting for the values and foundations of the FNEC.

fnec-Director Geneal

Lise Bastien

Director General
418-842-7672 #3101

fnec-Educational Services Director

Barbara Gravel

Operations Manager
418-842-7672 #3301

fnec-Human Resources Technician

Claudia Therrien

Human Resources Technician
418-842-7672 #3103

fnec-Executive Secretary

Sophie Guérard

Executive Secretary
418-842-7672 #3100


fnec-Research and Development Analyst

Treena Metallic

Research and Development Analyst
418-842-7672 #3105

cepn -

cepn -


The Governance and School Administration Department

The Governance Department supports and guides member communities in governance capacity development to guarantee a quality education system for their schools.

cepn - Governance Director

Mira Levasseur-Moreau

Governance and School
Administration Director
418-842-7672 #3401

cepn - Secretary Governance

Annie Duchesneau

418-842-7672 #3400

cepn - Conseillère en implication parentale et communautaire

Eve Lapointe

Parental and Community Involvement Counsellor
418-842-7672 #3403

cepn - Chargée de projet au postsecondaire

Eve Bastien

Post-secondary Project Manager
418-842-7672 #3402


fnec - Secretary

Pierre Lainé
Parental and Community Involvement Counsellor

418-842-7672 #3405

Communications Department

In collaboration with all FNEC departments, communication services produce a variety of documents in both official languages for member communities.

fnec-Communication Services Director

Sandra Rankin

Communication Services Director
418-842-7672 #3001


Sarah Helwig

418-842-7672 #3006


Marie-Claude Ratthé

418-842-7672 #3007

fnec-Information Officer

Thanissa Lainé

Information Officer
418-842-7672 #3002


fnec-Multimedia Graphics Design Technician

Danny Picard

Multimedia Graphics Design Technician
418-842-7672 #3005

fnec-Multimedia Audio-visual Technician

Nicolas Ottawa

Multimedia Audio-visual Technician
418-842-7672 #3004

fnec-Documentation and Procurement Clerk

Patsy Bastien

Documentation and Procurement Clerk
418-842-7672 #3003


Dany Bond

418-842-7672 #3000


Programs and Finance Department

The programs and finance department carries out current operations, including accounts receivable and payable, budgetary control of programs, producing annual contribution agreements, payroll for FNEC and Kiuna Institution employees, and auditing of financial statements. The department works in conjunction with the Finance and Administration Committee in making financial and administrative decisions.

fnec-Program and Finance Director

Lauréat Rock

Program and Finance Director
418-842-7672 #3201

fnec-Finance Clerk

Dale LeBlanc

Finance Clerk
418-842-7672 #3202

fnec-Finance Clerk

Nadia Gros-Louis

Finance Clerk
418-842-7672 #3203

fnec-Archives and Circulation Clerk

Émilie V.Perreault

Archives and Circulation Clerk
418-842-7672 #3204


Educational Services Department

Educational services coordinate development, information, and training activities for FNEC-member communities.

fnec-Educational Services Director

Annie Gros-Louis

Educational Services Director
418-842-7672 #3301

fnec-Student Infromation System Technician Trainer

Dorothée Picard

Student Information System Technician Trainer
418-842-7672 #3308

fnec-Special Education Counsellor

Valérie Fortin
Special Education Counsellor

418-842-7672 #3313

fnec-Computer Analyst Programmer

Normand Généreux

Computer Analyst Programmer
418-842-7672 #3307


fnec-GOAL Counsellor

Marie-Claude Ouellet

GOAL Counsellor
418-842-7672 #3304

fnec-Special Education Counsellor

Gino Lesage
Special Education Counsellor

418-842-7672 #3303

cepn - Conseiller aux partenariats et aux relations externes

Sarah Cleary
New Paths Program Counsellor

418-842-7672 #3315

fnec-Project Officer

Orania Gros-Louis

Project Officer
418-842-7672 #3310


fnec - Student Success Counsellor

Loretta Robinson

Educational Projects Coordinator
418-842-7672 #3302


Roselyne Lampron
Student Success Program Counsellor

418-842-7672 #3306

fnec - Secretary

Queenie Lainé

418-842-7672 #3300

cepn - Secrétaire

Bruno Rock
Student success Program counsellor

418-842-7672 #3312


fnec - Secretary

Alex Goudreault
Junior programmer

418-842-7672 #3316

fnec - Secretary

Amélie Girard-Bégin

418-842-7672 #3314




Technology Department

The technology department supports the advancement of information and communications technologies (ICT) in FNEC-member communities. In addition, the department provides broadband network services to nine non-member Innu communities through the New Paths for Education program offered by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

fnec-Technology Director

Tim Whiteduck

Technology Director
418-842-7672 #3501

fnec-Intermediary Network Technician

Igor Aleks

Intermediary Network Technician
418-842-7672 #3503

fnec-Intermediary Network Technician

Vincent Tapin
Intermediary Network Technician

418-842-7672 #3504


Jane Hicks

418-842-7672 #3500


fnec-Chief Network Technician

Philippe Lalancette

Chief Network Technician
418-842-7672 #3502

fnec-ITC Pedagogical Counsellor

Martin Bertrand

ITC Pedagogical Counsellor
418-842-7672 #3309


    Address: 95 De l'Ours Street
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