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The FNEC is an association of First Nations and communities, whose common purpose is to achieve full jurisdiction over their education. This will be accomplished through mutual collaboration, and in providing mandates to the Education Secretariat in Assembly, to support, promote, inform and defend the interests and actions of members in regards to matters of education while respecting their unique cultural identities and common beliefs, and promoting their languages, values, and traditions. Twenty-two First Nations communities in Quebec are represented by a regional organization that defends their interests and supports them in achieving complete jurisdiction over their education. The FNEC supports them in implementing a complete education system that respects their culture, values, traditions and identity in a spirit of mutual collaboration.


  • Take political action to ensure that First Nations regain full control of their education.
  • Take administrative action to ensure respect of the educational rights of First Nations communities.
  • Take all necessary measures to advance and increase the quality of First Nations educational programs and services.
  • Conduct studies and make recommendations on political and administrative decisions made by governments on Aboriginal education.
  • Manage programs transferred by different government departments and ensure that services are developed for the benefit of the communities.
  • Provide human resources and consulting services to member communities, if needed
  • Publish educational documents, newsletters and brochures on topics of interest to member communities.
  • Maintain links with other First Nations organizations working in education.


The FNEC is an association built on the collective strength of all the Nations of Quebec, and that will lead them towards the common goal of offering quality education to all First Nations children. The FNEC will ensure that the goal of quality, holistic education, as defined by our members, and attained through complete jurisdictional autonomy over our education programs, will be achieved in a spirit of collaboration, respect, sharing, and commitment. First Nations have always wanted to be masters of their education so that they could offer their children the best possible opportunity to achieve their potential like all other children in today's society and develop in all autonomy towards the future in respect of their heritage. The FNEC defends their interests in addition to supporting them in this vision.