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The Diversification of Secondary School Learning Paths (DSSLP) program was established in September 2008. Funding provided through this program is intended to assist schools in creating POP laboratories and work-oriented training programs.

Procedure and general information

logo pour download du PDFProcedure to open, complete, and send forms to FNEC logo pour download du PDF2017-2018 Guidelines

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MSS Co-Evaluation Charts

Here are co-evaluation charts on learning progress during internships. (In French only) For more information or to obtain the charts in Word format, please contact Marie-Claude Ouellet, toll-free at 1-855-842-7672, or by email at

Important dates and forms

Important dates for 2017-2018

To complete your final report, you must use the same form with which you made your submission, only complete the part where it says final report on the document.   .

* Your submission is located in your member section of the FNEC Website.

Important dates for 2018-2019

For more information, please contact Marie-Claude Ouellet GOAL counsello, toll-free at 1-855-842-7672, or by email at