image secteur services éducatifs, jeune fille à l'école

The educational services team—together for First Nations student success

Whether you are a member community with or without a school, you play an important role for students. That is why we work hand in hand with you, giving you our full support, to coordinate your training and development activities. We encourage ongoing improvement of the quality of instruction by providing school administration and educational support services on an on-demand basis. We also continue to support and build on innovative practices developed by our member community schools. Because the key to success, is working together!

We provide the following services adapted to your needs:

School administration services for FNEC-member communities:

  • policy development;
  • government partnership liaison;
  • success plan development, implementation and monitoring;
  • management of FNEC educational programs;
  • student record management and CANO user training;
  • school administrator network organization and support;
  • distance education service coordination.

Educational support services that meet the needs of FNEC-member communities:

  • developing literacy and numeracy skills;
  • creating a network of professionals in special education to support exceptional students;
  • communicating professional and school-related information (e.g. theme-based workshops for students);
  • integrating technology in education (e.g. training on using the interactive whiteboard in school);
  • organizing networking activities for school staff;
  • pooling and sharing best practices in education;
  • establishing and guiding professional learning communities;
  • setting up meetings and training workshops for school teams;
  • developing and distributing teaching material such as the Youth Literature Inventory;
  • making group purchasing arrangements for teaching material (books, software, etc.) and training programs to promote economies of scale;
  • providing training and support on the use of educational material (Banque d’instruments de mesure (BIM), Repères, Career Cruising, the Educational Video Collection, Learn Quebec, etc.).

Got questions? Need help? Contact Annie Gros-Louis.