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The governance and school administration team—supporting strong governance

Our mission? Our dedicated team manages the four components of the First Nations Education Partnerships Program: partnerships, governance, support for postsecondary education and parental and community involvement. Our services are directly for you, First Nations member communities. Discover the active role we play in promoting success in education.

Partnerships component

We make sure that official partnership agreements are developed and established to create pragmatic working relationships between representatives and educators in the provincial school system and those in regional organizations and First Nations schools. Through the renewal of the tripartite agreement with the provincial and federal government, we are able to reaffirm our commitment to representing you with our partners to ensure local and regional project coordination, implementation and operations.
Link to the Education Partnerships Program.

Governance component

The success of First Nations students depends on having access to a quality education system. As part of guaranteeing this access, we support capacity building in education governance and other priority areas at local and regional levels.Our objective? Provide you with integrated services and support your efforts in the education governance process. Your benefits? Strengthened capacity and a quality education system through priority standard compliance.

Support for postsecondary education component

We can offer a whole range of accredited and customized training courses and study programs that are culturally appropriate and relevant for an Indigenous clientele.

Parental and community involvement component

Parental and community participation is clearly a priority for us. Like you, we value children, the role of parents, volunteering, school and the people who work there, as well as the different ways children learn.


  • Fact sheets on our areas of governance (edition 2016-2017)
  • Standards Guide Supporting Strong First Nation Education Governance (2nd edition, 2017)
  • Tool Box First Nations Parental and Community Involvement (October 2018)